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Autumn Forest

Your Needs Are Unique

And your time is valuable. Customized services are more affordable
than you think, so what are you waiting for? Book a free consultation now!

Lessons & Courses

All video lessons can be customized for live, virtual or in-person, training too! 

To get an idea of whether Nonbinary Consulting has the content and approach you're looking for, check back after October 15, 2022 to enjoy our complementary training: Mindfulness Tips for DEI Wins 


More videos coming soon, including: 
-LGBTQ+ 101
-Nonbinary Basics
-Congratulations on Your First LGBTQIA+ Employee!
-Easy Fixes for LGBTQIA+ Equity in the Workplace
-Exploring the Intersections of Domestic Violence and Reproductive Justice in the LGBTQIA+ Community
-Complex Solutions for LGBTQIA+ Equity 
-Two-Spirit & LGBTQIA+ Historical Icons
-Two-Spirit & LGBTQIA+ Modern Thought Leaders
-LGBTQIA+ Civil Resistance

Consulting Options

Custom solutions to your complex staffing needs are what Nonbinary Consulting is here for. Schedule a free consultation today to explore mentorship options, employee and board training, or having an expert on retainer to call for everything from HR questions to PR nightmares. 

Bonfire in Sand
Speaking Requests

From Pride Month panels and keynote addresses to grand opening remarks and quotes for media inquiries, Nonbinary Consulting offers an array of options to engage with your LGBTQIA+ staff and clients. Schedule a free consultation to nail down the dates you want before Frederick is totally booked. 

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