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Frederick, a white nonbinary person, looks into the camera smiling. They have long blonde & grey hair that is pulled back to reveal shaved sides. They are wearing black glasses & a red & blue plaid shirt. They are outdoors in front of greenery.

Hi y'all, I'm Frederick

I started Nonbinary Consulting because the professional world is thirsty for strategic, innovative solutions to complex problems - and who better to help you think outside the box than someone who lives outside the box?!

I feel a responsibility to use my white privilege in the fight against white supremacy. Plus, Accessibility, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion aren't only ethical imperatives, they're vital to engaging the LGBTQIA+ community in a safe, authentic, and sustainable way.


Are you ready to see how intentionally building thriving relationships with your LGBTQIA+ staff and clients will help your organization? We know that to be able to learn and be generative people must feel psychologically safe. This is why my approach to even the most difficult subject matter is rooted in curiosity, abundance... and fun! Book a free consultation now!

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My Story

So, you've never met a bisexual nonbinary person before? Well now you have! My pronouns in English are they/them/theirs and in Spanish my pronouns are le/elle. I also identify as queer and pansexual, and agender, genderqueer, and trans. Basically I've never met a Pride flag I didn't like! 

Your needs are unique and your time is valuable. Those two facts are the basis for the Nonbinary Consulting method: I will work with you and your team to craft strategic approaches to systemic issues.  Whether you want LGBTQIA+ 101 training for your new hires, a leadership mentor for your queer employees, a speaker for your company retreat, a consultant to have on retainer to support your DEI efforts, or something else, I'm happy to tailor my services for your needs and your budget. 

With 20 years of community organizing experience under my belt I'm a champion for building people power. The last decade of my career has been in nonprofit organizations, where I've focused on supporting the LGBTQIA+ community, survivors of domestic violence, and folks seeking reproductive healthcare. In addition to creating and delivering professional development training and speaking on panels and at conferences like SXSW EDU, I have started, sustained and scaled programs at nonprofits at the local, state, regional and national level. You can read more about my values here, and if you're ready to talk you can book a free consultation here

If you're still reading at this point, I'm guessing you're eager to learn more about who I am as a human and what makes my perspective different. Aside from being both a sexual orientation and a gender identity minority, I also have ADHD. I grew up working class (mostly), in a very rural trailer park in Northern California, and have two younger half-sisters, one from each of my parents, and three niblings. I am a survivor, and will share more about that with anyone who asks. My family is home to trauma, addiction, disability, teen pregnancy, premature death... and still remains overflowing with love. I am a mindfulness practitioner of meditation, and an atheist. I truly believe in the inherent goodness of humans. 

My Bachelor of Arts degrees are in Spanish, Women's Studies, and Linguistics from San Diego State University, and my Master of Arts degree from the United Nations-Mandated University for Peace is in Gender & Peacebuilding. I have lived in Spain, Costa Rica, and Turkey, and have had the privilege to travel extensively both domestically and abroad. I'm a big nerd for languages. I'm fluent in Spanish, can get by in Turkish, and am learning Irish to help heal my ancestral lineage from colonization. I've also dabbled in Arabic, Mandarin, Russian, Polish, Dutch, Nahuatl, and Miwok- the Indigenous language of the people whose land I was born on and currently occupy. 

When I'm not social justice warrioring I love to read, write, eat, learn, travel, dance, daydream about Halloween costumes I'll never get around to making, admire trees and stars and the ocean, and spend time with the people and animals I love. Theme parks and county fairs are my favorite places in the world. I do consider myself a semi-professional booper of snoots, and I would love to see a picture of your furbaby! 

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